A Tour of St. Peter's Square and Basilica - DVD : Exploring the History and Beauty of the Heart of Rome

A Tour of St. Peter's Square and Basilica - DVD : Exploring the History and Beauty of the Heart of Rome


A Comprehensive Tour In this course, Father Kirby takes a look at the history and artwork of St. Peter's Square and Basilica through the light of faith. This comprehensive tour explains why St. Peter's Basilica was significant to the early Christians, and why it is still significant today. "Ecco Roma" Just as the ancient pilgrims exclaimed, "Ecco Roma" (Latin for "Behold Rome"), so too does this course begin with wonder at beholding the Eternal City. Aside from visiting Italy in person, this tour will take you as close as possible to experiencing the splendor of Rome, Vatican City, and St. Peter's Square. Beginning with the First Pope Rather than starting this tour with the Basilica's construction, Fr. Kirby begins with the basilica's namesake - St. Peter himself - as well as the origins of Christianity. With this great historical context of the first pope, one can come to more fully appreciate the treasures contained within Rome and within St. Peter's Square. A Tour for Our Times Given in light of the New Evangelization, this tour is not just a tour of Rome's essential history and its artistic masterpieces, but rather one that begs a certain spiritual awareness. St. Peter's is a sacred place, and its basilica is like a living catechism, inspiring us to ask ourselves profound questions and deepen our faith.

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